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MRDM - Prop block spawn.

EL Paso Mobread

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Your in-game name:EL Paso Morbrerad


Users IGN: Jesus Rojas/Pablo Del Hombre


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):The Steam IDs in Screen shots


Explain what happened:I was Building near mexico spawn and heard gun shots a lot so I checked it out and saw someone being massrdm in spawn they put probs so he could not leave and just blasted him over and over again for 10 mins I have a video just count the kills form there. 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)20190208010004_1.thumb.jpg.c4db88c47e894a8813a81d0b0a1a5a71.jpg20190208005831_1.thumb.jpg.e75ff6351d450c699d6f9853f498d7d4.jpg20190208005825_1.thumb.jpg.c229449614323b393078d8a41b85342f.jpg20190208005944_1.thumb.jpg.c3c6f0578fa17c834c1f4b76423705cc.jpg20190208010336_1.thumb.jpg.e40a0b9dbfbe85252ae85a6e19e11f1d.jpg





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I'm Pablo ingame. I was with Juan Rojas and Jesus Rojas. The player named "the one" came into the server and started knifing us as we were transferring money printers from building to building (as a citizen, as well), so when we killed him in self defense, he immediately returned to continue knifing us, multiple times. Because it was the usual 3 AM shenanigans with no admin on, we were left with no choice but to prop block him in spawn (which I had a fading door set up on), and there were absolutely no other players affected by this incident, nobody even joined the server at the time. We did continue killing him to try to get him to rage quit and leave the server, and after a few minutes, I removed the props and went on my way.


Moments later, multiple other players took his example, such as "Rat Man," Garfield, Gustavo, and Aifred. They began killing random players in the server, and when the others got bored and continued with RPing, Rat Man took it to the next level and had a permanent spawning shotgun, not sure how, but he kept killing us over and over and over, and the entire server basically devolved into battle royale.


The cops had laws up that said walking on the streets was AOS, resisting arrest with KOS, amongst other ridiculous things. The cops were random arresting, we had thieves with unarrest sticks in the sewers to free those of us that were abused by it.


The entire server at this time was a clusterfuck, and I can affirm that myself, Juan, and Jesus Rojas were working in the better interests of the server, no matter how questionable our actions were.


EDIT: I should also like to point out that the above mentioned players were banned by drangial, after we were calling for a mod/admin on the discord server for quite some time.

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