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Staff application /BoofPoof


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I am 13 years old.
What Server are you Applying for?

I am applying for GMOD DarkRP.
Explain why you are applying for a staff role at AU-GN

I would like to become staff on the ExhibitionRP Dark RP, there is when there isn't a Moderator / Admin, I am good at explaining rules as well as I know when to give punishments/warns out. Overall I love this server and wish to become staff to make the server the best it can be. The current staff, are excellent and I wish to work and moderate with them, I have been on the server nearly atleast one hour everyday, and wish to expand that, everyone who plays that server with the intend to RP, Is what makes that server good, there is alot of servers I have played on and nobody wants to RP, I am applying for staff, to help out all those people who dedicated there time into this server and awesome community. If I do get accepted I will try my best to help the community out and get some of my friends to join the server, 
Thank you all for taking your time, to read through this application.
Explain in thorough detail any previous experience you've had in a staff position

Yes, I have joint owned a military RP, with one of my friends.

Current Web Manager on a server, I know how to use forums as well as edit them.

Super Admin on 1 dark RP sever

And alot of T-Mod/Mod on diffrent servers.

Do you have a working microphone?

How often do you use your microphone?

When i need to

weekends- 4pm - 12am if needed 
Other Information?

In-Game name- BOOFPOOF 

Steam Name- BOOFPOOF

Steam ID- STEAM_0:0:103067485

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