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Stormcloak's Staff Application


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Username: Stormcloak

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:148344138

Discord Name:Nocturno

Discord #:1358

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A staff member told me there is only one thing on record, A ban for RDMx7, something I regret and though I have only three days of play, this happened over a month ago when I was still a Novice to this server.

Your Age: 13

Your Timezone: U.S. Mountain Standard Time

Time Played: 3 Days

Why should you be accepted to the staff team?:

I believe that I should be accepted into the Staff Team as I have a vivid understanding of ExibihitionRP’s rules. I would maintain order on the DarkRP server via creative output and mature decision making. I will dedicate my time to becoming a helpful, friendly and insightful Staff Member.

As a player on the server, I try my best to help my fellow players which is why I think I should be an ExibihitionRP Staff Member. Until a couple months ago I was brand new to RP, this particular server I only found recently and was immediately intrigued due to it’s helpful and mature staff, and I guess for its laid back rules. Roleplay was something I always appreciate in games, which is one of the reasons this is one of the best RP communities I’ve found, and I want to be able to improve it. Not just by keeping the peace or helping someone too lazy to read the rules, but by improving the quality of playing.

How Often Can You Be On The Server?:

As I stated I am 13 years of age meaning I attend school. Though I usually am on quite often when not attending school. Usually 4:00-10;00 GMT. Though I am a child of divorce meaning I am with my father every other week. So figure 42 hours every other week.

Am I Familiar With The Rules?:

Yes, I believe I have a clear understanding of the rules, I usually re-read the Rules Forum about once a week.

Am I Aware I Will Lose A Large Amount Of RP Time:

Yes, within my time on the server, the usual staff(people I see commonly staffing) are people I almost never see in RP. Going into this I made the presumption I would not be able to RP very much. I am fine with this and look forward to staffing.

Have I Read The TOS: Yes, I hope this format is acceptable.

What Rank Am I On The Server ?:

I am User rank, I have never donated or spent money on the server.

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+/- Okay playtime
- Zero forum / discord activity
- Who are you?
- Never seen you on before
- RDM x7 ban
- Did not follow TOS (No poll)

Overall, (-) support, its going to be a no from me into you improve forum/discord activity and I see you on more so I can see what kind of person you are. Also please just use the format given in the TOS, it's there for a reason, not to make your own.

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-Support Overall

-Did not and still have not bothered to read/followed the TOS

-Don't know who you are

-Forum/Discord activity is non-existent


This is most likely going to be denied and rightly so. When applying next time please read through our TOS thoroughly as well as become active in the community. One of the best way to gain notoriety to just be ACTIVE. Dedicate a small portion of your day to conversing/playing with other plays in the community. I wish you the best of luck.


                                                             ~ Tyer

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-Not a lot of playtime 

-Need work on Paragraph 

-Please dont make your first post your application 

-Doesnt have a poll

-Read TOS before making your application


Get to Know the Community more 

Try to play with the players and base or party raid with them 

Would like to know you a little better and try to make more friends with players and staff




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