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nulte lisening to biest rp in sit againme and jailing me 10 mintuse


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Copy, fill out & paste the format below.


Your in-game name: zoroark720


Staff members name: TyerIsTop

staff 2 name Nutla


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):

STEAM_0:1:194217653 (TyerIsTop)

STEAM_0:0:31848228 (Nutla)


Explain what happened: Jrmoon had made a false report on me after I killed him while he was in mine and my party members base. Nutla does not even belong as a drp staff 
he the prp manager not darkrp and make up some lie about thrill a none manger telling him

  and tyler can help stick his nose in shit and help someone harassing me by taking a bs sit and yelling at me for it the raid my base after tping in to it

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

will upload video of my sit when I can, its glitching right now

tyler using in sider nolage and tping in to my base

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Let me explain my part of this situation.

1. Jr. Moon requested that another staff member take his sit. I took the sit and let both sides explain what has happened.

2. Jr. Moon walked onto property owned by Hatson321 as evident of the screenshots that are provided below. The front door/props of the base in question were owned only by Hatson321 and not co-owned by Zoroark720.

3. Zoroark720 then proceeded to kill Jr. Moon 2 times for entering this base as confirmed by Zoroark720 to be true.

4. Because of the non-existent rule in this said instance, I refered to a higher-up on the DRP Staff team that was on at the time (IsThrill).  *DISCLAIMERI might be the PRP Manager, but that doesn't mean I am higher than Thrill on DRP.

5. Zoroark720 proceeded to message, un-successfully at the time, all of the higher-ups of the DRP Staff team for clarification of the rules.

6. Due to a decision made by present Higher-Up staff at the time, I proceeded to punish Zoroark720 by jailing him for 10 minutes for RDM x2 and then the SIT was concluded.

I hope this has caught everyone up on this report as seen through my eyes. I do not see any biased decisions dealt by this action taken against Zoroark720.

As I have explained...Rule #2 of DRP states that if there is no rule listed, staff may tell you what is and isn't allowed which at the time there was no rule listed as such, and it was ruled at the time that you could not KOS someone on someone else's property even if you are in a party with them without co-owning/owning the door.

Voided was contacted after the incident took place and had no previous knowledge about this instance or about the decision made at the time.





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1 hour ago, {tpz}☢zoroark720☢ said:

Nutla does not even belong as a drp staff 
he the prp manager not darkrp and make up some lie about thrill a none manger telling him

I don’t like that you included this... nutla has all the rights of a drp staff since he is a volunteer. He consulted thrill who told him what he thought of it, and I only came in after the fact due to me being busy. It doesn’t really seem like a problem to me at this point for this. Nutla will not be punished because of something that basically wasn’t a rule at the time and so he decided along with thrill.

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I was NOT a part of this SIT and only went to you in-game to inform you that /ooc and /advert were not the places to argue your punishments. You bothered me in-game continuously saying that I was a "horrible staff member" and that "only the senior staff do their jobs". After you were told to stop doing this you started bothering me on discord. I was very straight forward with you and told you to leave me alone. I don't need to be constantly badgered by a player on the server in my PMs. For someone who complains about being harassed and marginalized you sure do harass the damn staff team a lot. From this point on I will be blocking you on discord to prevent further issues. Have a nice day and enjoy your time on the server. 

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