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Chad Coopertown's User Report on BBS Dulko


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Your in-game name: Chad Coopertown


Users IGN: BBS Dulko


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/STEAM_0:1:102426366


Explain what happened: I came to raid him and killed him when he was in front of his door and then he came back and shot me and then admitted in chat right after that he "rulebreaked". I'm also posting some screenshots of him talking in chat with another user I think Dulko clearly shows he is rdming other people as well as he states "This isnt even my main server anyways" so to me it just kinda shows he doesn't care showing hes probably just okay with rule breaking. 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)








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1 hour ago, FuriousGamer said:








This is really all I need to see. We can see your raid advert and shortly after this advert we see a kill. About 3 lines later the player you'd just killed kills you. This is obviously a breakage of NLR as in between both kills an over advert is nowhere to be found. 

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