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Your Username:

A: African

Your SteamID? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:

A: STEAM_0:0:464635144

Your Discord Name and #:

A: African#3391

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:

A: Jailed, RDM X1 (But I did not know I couldn't kill mayor randomly)

Your Age:

A: 14

Your Timezone:


Time Played:

A: 6 Days (169 Hours)

Staffing Experience (Optional):

A: Own my own server and I have been a Staff Manager for another. (DarkRP)

Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):

A: Why I should be accepted is because I can support you guys really well with being a staff member. As well as I usually point things out of the chat that most staff don't (Such as over/false and things like that). I have helped miskie with a bug that crashed the server. I can be really active on the server. Finally, I have lots of spare time while I'm on the server. (Usually, because I built some pretty op bases lol)

How often can you be on the server?:

A:  Usually I'm on the server for about 6 hours per day but on the weekends I will be on for most of the day (around like 10 hours or 12 hours or even 18).

Are you familiar with the rules?:

A: Yeah I'm very familiar since I can point people out often

Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?

A: Yes.

Have you read the TOS? (here) Your application will be denied if you do not read these! :

A:  Yes I have read it.

What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, Exhibitionist, User):

A: Exhibitionist 

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