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Mass RDM and prop block

DevStar Studios

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Your in-game name: DevStar Studios


Users IGN: Birdman, Jotello Nance.


Users SteamID STEAM_0:1:184508984,STEAM_0:1:92983195.


Explain what happened: I was being mass rdmed. they kidnapped me put me in spawn the doors behind spawn and propblocked me in there.You can tell the screen shots are diffrent not the same look at the background.


Evidence image.png.18e86f1a9dfe67d8b182548e492fccdf.pngimage.thumb.png.449e5f98a73fdde7afbb6e4d3438d349.pngimage.png.31340e3597b06921eaa4afa24dae4efb.pngimage.png.a4a4090ceab47e06572e7ae530e8414c.pngimage.png.7b18b01b0c3751f47786f70141960e56.pngimage.png.4764d9d956ca0998b630633228f2389a.pngimage.png.cc4e662355c7cae87dea4fd35251fbfc.pngimage.png.0cc703bf08f03f7167b05cc9d08f5b73.pngimage.png.1cef35784da95f681695997900bf163a.pngimage.thumb.png.3c036c432aee25cd8fa0f66aa7232905.png

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