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Testicles On a Stick Ban Appeal


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IGN (In-Game name): Testicles On A Stiack Ban Appeal 

Your SteamID? Ex.STEAM_0:0:419519808

Banned by:Steam_0 : 1 :52056333

Ban date, time & length:3days

Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server):frp x6

Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for in logs!):me and this guy can't remember the name where placeing hits on each other and then he got mad started rdming me when i was walking out of spawn so i was like what ever and he got mad admin joined and then he killed me and reported me for placeing so many hits on him when he rdm me more then 10x and placed hits like i did. and frist off i didn't know placeing so many hits on some one would get you banned i was placing hits on him because he was doing the same and rdm me so i thought hits where a way i would not get banned so i kept doing that each time he would rdm me out of spawn. thank you for your time please get back to me as soon as possible! 

Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied):None 

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1 minute ago, Damplips said:

Due to the spacing of when the hits were placed I'd say harrasmentx3 or if you really strech it 4, but not frpx6.

So yeah, I'm gonna give a manager +support for an unban/reduction/jail.

thank you very much sir I appreciate that very much 

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3 minutes ago, Sicarius142 said:

ok well I think that guy above you gets  where I am coming from and is unbanning me and jailing me.

I would have been fine with 2frps but 6 is to much so I will take the unban and jail.

so im done here have a good day thorobred. 

he's not dealing with this you know 

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1 minute ago, thorobred said:

this is drp not mbrp 

yea I know so I would like other admins besides you on the darkrp server like sam and others too look at this and give there opion on the time and everything I don't feel like I got the right time if it was 24 hours I would be fine but 3 days is stretching it.

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I'd personally say that's it's harrasment x 4 as ghosty said it first offence is a warning. But because thorobred just got on I don't really think a first warning offence is nesccary. But if you want to follow the regulation it should be harrasment x 4.

Thoro you gon get striked by the big D

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