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Dxlutional's Staff Application

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Username : Dxlutional

Steam Id STEAM_0:0:75907525

Discord : Dxlutional #1587

Have I been punished? : Yes for RDM I think but its not that serious.

Age : 17

Timezone :Central time 

Time played : 1 week

Staff experience : I was was admin on an old server about 3 or 4 years ago called OpusRp and I was staff on here but I got demoted cause I broke my hand and was inactive.

Why should I be excepted? : I have a decent experience in being a staff on DarkRp servers. I am great with reasoning and keeping everyone happy in bad situations. I intend to keep players on the server and having fun instead of using harshness and cruelty to make the players want to leave the server. I want to be of great assistance to the staff team and help out with keeping the minges and trolls away from the people who want to have fun. In conclusion, I want to keep this server fun and I want to help out as much as possible to help out on this server.

How often can I be on the server? : Almost every day except for some weekends.

Am I familiar with the rules? : Yes

Am I aware I will lose Rp Time? : Yes

Have I read the TOS? : Yes

Rank : Exhibitionist 



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