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Burnt Waffles

My Rawr Kills Mice

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Burnt Waffles Gang:

Requirements To Join:

-Must Have At Least $500k

-Can’t Be In Another Gang

-Must Hate The French Toast Mafia And All Of It’s Members


-You Must Raid Any And All French Mafia Bases Or HQ’s You Come Across

-You Must Not Make Deals With Or Base With Any French Toast Mafia Members

-You Must Base In Or Help In Building With All Burnt Waffle HQ’s

-You Must Put At Least One Money Printer/Bitcoin Miner In A Burnt Waffle HQ As A Sign Of Respect

-You Must Assist In All Burnt Waffle Raids You Can




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21 minutes ago, Damplips said:

Cause 7th, geebs, and BG weren't ass.


I wanna join but I'd have to give up my top hat so sorry but it's gonna be a no from me.

idk what your talking about i enjoyed banning half of 7th one day.... Top fucking notch.

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