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Kudo's Staff Application


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My Username: Kudo

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:74054337

Discord Username: Kudo#9772

Have I ever been Punished: Yes a few times, mainly misunderstandings, but I know when I'm wrong. I can tell when I'm in the wrong.

My age: 18

Timezone: Central

Time Played: On Exhibition RP - 280+ hours, but on Gmod - 2182 hours

Previous Staff Experience: I've had lots of experience with being a staff in the past before. The previous ranks that I have personally handled are Owner, Co-Owner, Head Administrator, Head Moderator, and Moderator. I realize every server is different in how they deal with certain situations, but I'm willing to cope with it. In general i would consider myself experienced in the staff field.

Why should I be accepted?: I feel i should be at least be considered into this rank because of the amount of experience i have in dealing with stubborn people, and or trolls. Though it's not just the experience but a feel of understanding. I've been playing this server for a while now and see that when there aren't any staff to deal with cheaters, trolls, and etc. It puts me in a predicament where there's nothing i can do to stop whatever is happening at the time. I'd have to say my main strength is treating the people that show a lack  of respect or display ignorance with respect no matter how out of hand they get. In other words I would have to say that I have decent composure. 

How often can i be on the server?: I can join almost everyday since i work from my home, but if i had to give an estimate i would say 9-10 hours everyday if not more or less.

Are you familiar with the rules?: I am familiar with the rules yes.

Are you aware that you will loose RP time?: I am aware due to previous experiences

Have you read the TOS?: I have read it yes

What rank are you on the server?: I am the rank Exhibitionist.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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