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Staff Report: Zoingus

Ixen Kaldaka

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Your in-game Name:  Ixen Kaldaka

Staff Member's Name: Zoingus

Staff Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:455893472

Explain What Happened: Zoingus was going to steal something from somebody by his advert: "Yoink ima just take this bitch (steal)." As a cop, I  adverted "Oh no you don't! (Counter)" and I killed him right after he killed JefeBoyo. After he respond I hear him smack talking me to another playing over voice saying ho I didn't advert when I killed him. I replied that I did advert. He then asked me what I typed, so I replied what I typed. He then just killed me.

What rules were violated so far:

  • NLR (remembering who killed him after he just died) (Rule 14)
  • RDM (No advert or RP situation prior to killing someone) (Rule 1)
  • Staff abuse (Accepting own complaint and rejecting it) (Admin Rule)



My RP killing of Zoingus.

Zoingus's RDM of me.

Zoingus taking and rejecting his own @ complaint.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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