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DRP Map Update 2

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gz    16



  • nigga toilet
  • Added second floor to the bank
  • Added an underground tram
  • Added multiple connecting corridors underground for better connection
  • Added some eastereggs 
  • Added a window to a building in the Downtown area
  • Added trees to the edge of the map in some places
  • Added new building in the slums
  • Added new basing area under the ocean
  • Added numbers above jails to indictate what jail cell it is
  • Added some clipping on the top of windows in the downtown area
  • Added new tunnel connection from the beach to residental
  • Added some background trees to the skybox
  • Added a strip club to the residental area
  • Added a clip to the fountain to get into the secret base more easily


  • Fixed jail door not opening
  • Fixed texture issue on beach basse
  • Fixed the "special" sit room not showing up
  • Fixed a method to see into a secret base
  • Fixed a missing texture on the beach base
  • Fixed the shark being able to go off of its path


  • Expanded Casino
  • Mostly all doors now open both ways
  • Changed move direction of garage doors in the Downtown area
  • Adjusted areaportal draw distance for some buildings
  • Changed up the PD roof
  • Changed height of an easteregg in slums
  • Changed the position of windows in Downtown
  • Made an easteregg harder to activate
  • Changed tree textures in the skybox
  • Replaced some trees with lower poly trees for better performance
  • Moved position of jail buttons
  • Improved optimization in the downtown area, should help those with bad CPUs
  • Changed positions of some barriers at the edge of the map
  • Changed staircase brushwork to models
  • Changed the Maze event arenas
  • Adjusted some areaportal window draw distances around the downtown area
  • Changed up the fountain
  • Changed position of areaportal window and changed its draw distance behind brick building in the downtown area
  • Reduced global fog
  • Changed fog color
  • Changed position of the bank sign


  • Removed some graffiti that had missing textures


The update will be live hopefully by the end of the week

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gz    16
9 minutes ago, ҉ ,ΩNick' said:

gotta check it out soon is it coming this restart?


not this restart

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Xeno    23

Very good real question is why can't we have this amazing update now! ugh!

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Dead    10

Looks good. Keeps things fresh. 

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Andy    36
On 4/30/2019 at 3:42 AM, Furvious said:

Nigga toilet


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