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Snake's ban request.

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Your in-game name:  Johnny Faggot


Users IGN: Snake


Users SteamID(https://steamcommunity.com/id/litracecar/ūüėě


Explain what happened:


A Croatian newbie who was named SRBIJA and who sounded like SwaggerSouls (probably wasn't) was prop minging Snake who was a gun dealer. He did this for 20 minutes. After a while Snake got fed up and started MRDMing. He never said "stop doing x" or "go away" etc. once, in a singular time during his killing spree. Snake killed SRBIJA 25 times, and me once. He injured me severely many times afterwards though. I believe the time he killed me accidentally though, as I was standing close to him. I did call him a "7-year-old" because of his squeaky voice.


He went to a point where the second SRBIJA was being killed the second he left spawn. If he was in the street, SRBIJA was AFK in the street as a citizen and Snake killed him. Snake killed him excessively. SRBIJA was extremely prop minging, he would've put couches in the gun shop, or go past KOS signs.


In the end, I told him I was going to report him for MRDM, he left the game. He killed a total of 26 people, no moderators were online. In my proof, I show evidence he did it, and evidence he didn't stop.






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