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05/08/2019 Update


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  1. You can no longer pickpocket the god lockpick off players
  2. Added a /stuck command that will send you back to spawn after a 10 second delay (If abused will be removed!)



  1. headadminx can now use snapper
  2. Changed lockpicks to have a static time
    lockpick               - 9 seconds
    pro-lockpick        - 6 seconds
    master-lockpick   - 3 seconds
    staff-lockpick       - Instant
  3. Glitch where you could become president then switch nationalities while keeping your job, it will now set you to Citizen.



  1. New f4 menu
  2. Updates done to the scoreboard
  3. New Thirdperson script
  4. Re-skinned door system
  5. Edits done to the gamemode
  6. The harpoon no longer goes through props
  7. Fixed an exploit in coinflips

More updates coming soon!

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