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The Hideout Cult


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Hideout Cult 


Yo let me tell you about Hideout and why it is the superior "gang",

First, no we are not a gang; we are a Cult. Let me explain the two; a gang is a "Hey let's raid this place because we are cool!" or "We powerful because money is a thing." Oh, you don't understand? Here let me explain in nerd words, the purpose of this cult isn't power by money. Don't forget the "Oh you got money and super popular? Join my gang because I want to look cool too!" crap the gangs say.

Second, We the Cult don't look for money or popularity, we are powered by population. Hold on - Hold on, I can already see you typing a 3 paragraph essay on how that is so against what I said. Here is why it's better, we don't just give people the rank. You must do a certain task for us (Read the bottom of the flyer for details). Oh did I say that we don't have "requirements" for you to join? Forget that, "Oh I need more playtime" stupidity. 

Third, we are fairer than squarer! You don't get promoted with time. You get promoted with 'Tasks' as we call it. Assigned stuff so we don't actually have to pay attention to the stunts you will pull. For each promotion, you have a certain amount of tasks you have to do; and they aren't even required! If you don't feel like doing the task you don't need to bother (but you won't be promoted)!

this post is not made to offend any other gang.

Discord: https://discord.gg/QCgbkQz We recommend that you have discord for all our rules, announcements, etc are posted there.

Application to Join:
(* = Required)

[Copy and Paste the Format]


* In-Game Name: 

* Discord Tag:

Do you have a certain time you are online?:

Do you have an MBRP Rank?:

Do you commit yourself to Hideout and only Hideout?:

Are you in our discord and accepted the TOS?:

* Has any of our Cult Admins seen you get a sacrifice and who will vouch for it?:

* Are you honestly active? (It won't hurt your application):

* Will you follow our rules to your best extent?: 

* Are we cool?:


Alright now since you have gone through all of that let's explain what you need for us; you will need an OFFICIAL sacrifice. We are usually based / online on Weekends. You will also need evidence from one of our Cult Admins or Higher. Other than that you are in!


Contact Me if you have questions or I'm too lazy to check here:

Latsu#2654 - Discord

https://steamcommunity.com/id/iMxrk/ - Steam

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