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June Update - Changelog


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June Update

We've been working very hard with the development team for the past two months to deliver this update, this is probably one of the largest updates that have dropped within Exhibition. This update includes a plethora of new content for our servers, website and our discord server. Please take a moment to read through our changelog, we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below. All of the following changes will split between our servers accordingly, some, however, will be kept on both servers. This update is scheduled to go live this sometime this month, stay tuned for more information!



  • New jailing system that teleports to a specific location on the map.
  • New experience system.
  • New crash compensation system, designed to pay out a pre-configured amount of money when the server crashes.
  • New emotes system and a store to purchase these.
  • New server restart UI that will prompt minutes before a restart.
  • New gun permit terminal used to purchase a weapons license.
  • New drug system featuring multiple narcotics with unique effects.
  • New bounty system for the FBI.
  • New PRO tools: lockpick and keypad cracker.
  • New bail system.
  • New warning system for staff.
  • New undercover system for the FBI.
  • New food system with a shelf entity to sell your goods.
  • New spawn safe zone system that makes roleplay impossible.
  • New coinflip system.
  • New party system.
  • New administration addon: exhAdmin.
  • New commands for staff. 
  • New sit room system for staff.
  • New activity tracker for staff.
  • New library: Lavice.
  • Fixed reports and suggestions.
  • Fixed prop logs not working.
  • Fixed welcome mat setting hp to random values.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to e2/wiremod
  • Fixed a casino bug.


  • New discord bot, featuring:
  • Advanced way of handling reports from in-game, giving the developers the ability o accept/deny.
  • Ticket system introducing a way for players to communicate with support staff directly via discord.
  • Ban, unban and extend ban commands that handle in-game bans, for staff. 
  • Statistics tracking, including a command to check the latest stats (players, etc).
  • Chat relay system that syncs the OOC chat of all servers and discord together, keeping the community closer.
  • API server designed for usage by third-party services.


  • New HUB, featuring: 
  • A landing page with brief information about our community.
  • Community statistics featuring unique players, discord members and steam group members.
  • Server tracker that displays information about our servers (players, map, etc).
  • Bans page displaying all current and past bans.


  • New /wipe command to view the last wipe and next wipe dates. 
  • New /voteday system added (skip night with a command).
  • New /friend command added (This works with automatic authorization to give your friends access to your base).
  • New Sign artist added (VIP+ and up).
  • Entity owners has been fixed regarding an issue with banned players.
  • Various loot spawn balances.
  • Removed day time modifications (Conflicted with /voteday command).

This all for this month, we hope that you'll enjoy the update and stay tuned for the next one!

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Guest Thanks
Just now, Guest Thanks said:

I'm ready thanks guys for keeping this server so goodddd

-Big but on phone

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