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7/2/2019 Update


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  • New Admin system called Exhadmin.
  • Updated coinflips
  • Fixed an exploit in interests
  • Made it so flips below $25,000 will not announce
  • Made it so you can now see the message you pm'd someone
  • Fixed a banning bug in the admin system
  • Fixed the party system
  • Added buddies system (In context menu)
  • Added Crash Compensation (For now it will give you $100k)
  • Added a Restart Timer, will count down from 10, 10 minutes before the daily restart.
  • New activity tracker for staff.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mayor Grace period would stick at 0
  • Fixed players being able to prop surf/push and prop kill.


  • Fixed flags not showing up in the overhead hud
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