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Fodderme's Staff Application



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Your Username:

A: Fodderme

Your SteamID:

A: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198218076049/

Your Discord Name and #:

A: Fodderme#0625

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:

A: i was jailed for 15 or 20 mins for killing the president that was caught in crossfire with me and this theif that shot at me

Your Age:

A: 15

Your Timezone:

A: Pt (Pacific Standard)

Time Played:

A: 1 day

Staffing Experience (Optional):

A: None.

Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):

A:  The reasoning i want to be a staff member in mbrp is because i just got started playing the game again. I also noticed that whenever i'm on usually 8 pm on weedays and 1 am on weekends theres no staff that is on and the server goes into complete riots and theres nobody to report to which makes more advanced players more overpowered than other newer players which makes the server no fun for the newer clients for your server. i also find no fun on the server but watching everyone else do very stupid things like fail rp , minging , and rdm.

How often can you be on the server?:

A: from 4 pm pt to 7pm pt on weekdays {except friday including sunday school reasons) and 4 pm pt to 2 am pt on friday and sunday 

Are you familiar with the rules?:

A: very clear on the rules but i will read them again if i get accepted

Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?

A: i could care less if i miss it

What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User):

A: user

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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