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Prop blocking/false demote


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Your in-game name:


Users IGN:


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:


Explain what happened:

LegalDirtyMexican was selling guns making no profit yet people were still mainly buying mine. So he moved his shelf's in front of mine so people couldn't buy them. I told him to stop prop blocking them or he was going to die. He later demoted me cause I was "rdming" him yet he refused to move his prop block. No staff was on nor did anyone get on after asking in discord to come and help. He later change into a cop and started rdaing and rdming people what were gun dealers. Check logs for that as I stopped recording.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

Will be in attached files

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With this reply, I request that this users video gets investigated thoroughly as you can see, him mistakenly accusing me of prop-blocking apparently granted him the authority to mass-rdm me.

I would also like to add, in the users video he can be heard through the middle of it telling his friends my location so that they could kill me, again-and again on respawn. Repeatedly -- as you can see him doing in the video.

as you can see,  I was content with this users actions as I decided not one time to retaliate and kill him during the length of his entire video. I realized he was just very upset I decided to place my shelves on the sidewalk in the proximity of his shelves, and base. He then decided to continue claiming I prop-blocked him and mass-rdmed me along with his friends. 


EDIT; here is a screenshot of this user "Himler" placing his shelves as a gun dealer in front of my casino machines, which I was also very content with and decided not to bitch about. I hover over a casino prop just to show that the other user that replied to this thread "Poised0Dragon" joined in-- and placed his props in front of both of my double or nothing casino machines making them unreachable as the entire entrance of the casino was propblocked with their machines.




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With this being the last reply-- as you can see my two casino double or nothing machines were in the back as far as they could be with no malicious intent. 


and my double or nothing machines, as well lined up against the flashy pole. You being a gun dealer claiming my machines were moved in-front of yours is again, a lie proven that you took the first step in prop-minging. 


You may have your differences aside with me in-game, but choosing to slander me and waste administrations time with false claims and accusations is just useless. I will see you on MBRP buddy.


unknown (1).png

unknown (2)2.png

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I'm not wasting anyone's time, you shouldn't have prop minge with the shelves in the first place. Also YOU were the only who put you machines right in front of my shelves if that's okay for you to do then it's also okay for me to move my shelves back in front of them....... 

PS what do these screens shots show?

PPS Also those aren't YOUR machines send video that you own those machines on the right, cause I know those aren't yours....

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