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Player Reportx9


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Your in-game name: Greg Dendrickson


Users IGN: Toxic Holocaust, Outcracked, Minigunners, Mathmicaliths, Lets go, Jojo your hoe, DIsgusting bean, Blorg, Amendun


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞): Amendun: STEAM_0:0:172021602, Blorg: STEAM_0:0:527812112, Outkracked: STEAM_0:1:512535911, Toxic holocaust: STEAM_0:0:108723937


Explain what happened: Toxic Holocaust: RDMx2, Outcracked: ARMx1 RDMx2, Minigunners: FailRPx2 NLRx1, Mathmicaliths: ARDM, RDM, Lets go: RDMx2 ARDM, Jojo your hoe: RDMx2, Disgusting bean: RDMx3 ARDM FailRP, Blorg: ARDM, Amendun: RDM


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. Saying "just look at server logs" isn't evidence): 



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