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Report against "Jesus Spreader"

Dr Tommy

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Your in-game name:

Dr Tommy/ Blue Pearl

Users IGN:

Jesus Spreader

Users SteamID


Explain what happened:

The Mexican Border RP server crashed so I went to #general in Discord to see if it was me or the servers. It was the servers. After discussing a few things Jesus Spreader said in Screenshot 1, "well shit i made it crash because i wuldn't tell yu the explot." Threats like this shouldn't be tolerated. He goes on in Discord to say how he didn't crash the server and starts expressing anger by using capitals as shown in Screenshot 2. There's a possibility that he could have caused the server to crash somehow and again, threats like this shouldn't be tolerated.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)



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Your retarded. He didn't make a threat he made a dumbass comment that you probably took out of context. And I'm pretty sure this guy is already banned on mbrp so there's no point. And no I don't know him. I just know its not a threat to say "I made it crash because I didn't give you the exsploit." That just sounds like he miss spoke because he spelt have of that sentence wrong and it didn't make sense. If I can see what was before and after I would like to as of now its a -support because the proof makes 0 sense

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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