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Should I be a staff member?  

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Q: Your Username?

A: Leafadealy

Q: Your SteamID?

A: STEAM_0:1:218068293

Q: Your Discord?

A: Jerry#2629

Q: Have you ever been punished on Exhibition RP? If so, why?

A: Yes because I had broken NLR like an idiot...

Q: Your Age?

A: 20 (My bday is Jan 15)

Q: Your Timezone?


Q: Time Played?

A: 154:54:02 (at the time of posting this)

Q: Staffing Experiences?

A: A few Elitelupus Dark RP servers and Blackout's SCP RP

Q: Why should you be accepted to the staff team?

A: Well, as a frequent player of the server, I encounter my fair share of minges. Of course some worse than others. Frequently however, I play late, Verrry late. At these late hours, there's either One or no admins online. Times like these make the server unplayable, or just un-enjoyable. Me being on the staff team would help make it enjoyable so people can play to their heart's desire without having to worry about deterrence in their game play like getting killed off spawn. I'd also make a great staff member in the development part of it, as i'm quite familiar with code, and uh I don't mean to brag but, I have a tendency to come up with great ideas :). I could help around with bug fixing, scripting, or whatever you guys want me to. Being a staff member I believe I could liven up the community bringing an enjoyable experience to all, whilst enforcing the rules, and taking sits as soon as I humanly can, and being true to the rules with said sits as well. Whether you believe i'd make an amazing addition to the team or not, I thank you for your time and hope that you'll take me in as staff so I can truly help to better craft Mexican Border RP and make every player's experience on Mexican Border a memorable one. (P.S I also frequently record my game play it'd be pretty neat to demystify what it's like to be an admin)😁

Q: How often can you be on the server?

A: Pretty much whenever (Like 24/7 XD) and I am also up very late (like when there's no admins at at like 3:00 am ish)

Q: Are you familiar with the rules?

A: Yes as after my punishment, I copied the rules and printed them out and have gone over them many times

Q: Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?

A: Yes, i'm fully aware and that's fine as I have had my fair share of RP

Q: Have you read the TOS?

A: Yes

Q: What rank are you on the server?


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17 minutes ago, SexDrugsAndViolence said:


  • Don't know you very well personally but
  • Good age
  • Good app
  • Looks like you tried and didn't do it in 5 mins
  • Good hours
  • Get your forum activity up tho

However, you didn't follow TOS (Put up a vote) so I guess this will be denied.

Oops my b tots forgot lol and im glad u noticed the time i put in😁

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no rep

no forums activity

literally changed your identity when you got unbanned for a week and made a ban appeal.

no discord activity

just got unbanned for rdk x9 (mention that)

EDIT: Don't lie about your bans. You're Jerry G, and you got banned for 9 days for rdk, and you might wanna mention that


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+good age

+good amount of hours

+/- Support

+/- app could've been better.


-personally never seen you on.

-no forums/discord involvement.

-a lot of negative reputation.

So in all, -Support.

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-Haven't seen you or interacted with you once

-Little to NO forum or discord activity

-Coming fresh off an unban (Give it time)

-According to many of the above replies you have a history of minging (One you may have attempted to cover up by "changing your idenity"?)

+Nicely written paragraph

+Not Runner Gang

+Not 15 years old


I don't know you that well and you have a pretty bad reputation among the members of the community I personally interact with. You have basically no forums activity or discord activity. Take some time to work on all three of these fields and continue to be a good boy in game to gain my support - and mostly likely many others.


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-Very toxic user.

-Changes his identity constantly so that other users do not remember who he is.

-When he was Jerry G, I was constantly in sits with him. I believe I have even banned him. 

-Does not know rules. 

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