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Player Jailing Others With A Dupe


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Your in-game name: BEAN B0Y


Users IGN: Hamsterdam 


Users SteamID: STEAM_0:1:505274681


Explain what happened: User was going around the map as expert human trafficker using a dupe to jail everyone.




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clear evidence

-/+ support



No evidence of him doing it to "everyone"

There is no video showing him doing it. This could just be his cell as he is a kidnaper and he is allowed to have one. He could've just kidnaped you and put you in there.


-/+ support altogether

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10 hours ago, Navaj AKA UrBestFriendAJ said:


he got two cages overlapping like he spawn them real quickly

he shouldn't be building near the border.

@SexDrugsAndViolence if bean boy did build that the username of the left side should've been green.


sorry man but we only know he trapped you. not the whole server

I never said Bean Boy build it. It's obvious he didn't

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