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Black chickens staff aplication

Black Chicken

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username-black chicken

steam id-76561198819574252

my discord-BBG Limp#9999

I have been punished before, only when i first started playing because i wasn't familiar with the rules but i learned from mistakes and looked at the rules, now i have a good knowledge on the rules.

i am 15 years old.

I think i should be accepted on the staff team because im online a lot and when its 2 am and admins are off it is chaos, and i can be there to prevent that. i will also be a good and fair staff member.I know the rules of the server and i know the punishments.

i live NAW

i have around 200 hours on the server

i can be on the server everyday noon til night. on weekends i can be on till 3 am

i am very familliar with the rules

i am aware i will loose playing time on the server.

i am very active on discord and i will be very active on the forums if i become staff.

i am exhibitionist on the server.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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