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Chat Formatting List


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This is just a list of all the chat formats that I know
This is just to inform people on how to do cool chat formats like colored chat, rainbow, and etc.


- Colored Text:

  • <color=####> Text </color> (In the #### just put the name of a color like red, darkblue, etc.)





- Rainbow Text:

  • <rainbow=1-999> Text </rainbow>(The more you increase it the faster the rainbow gets)

*[Cant get a picture of it, but I'm sure yall know what it looks like]



- Glowing Text:

  • <glow> Text </glow>




- Underlined Text:

  • <u> Text </u>



- Bold Text:

  • <b> Text </b>




-Combined Text Formatting:

Cool thing about these is that we can combine some of them together.

1543761765_Screenshot2020-09-27181555.png.c1f3d3949a7cecf1595a6f2047f68152.png <b><color=lightgreen>Bold + Light Green</color></b>

1630213928_Screenshot2020-09-27181913.png.29fafcc0900b25b5bc71c5674e0001d5.png <u><color=Gray>Underline + Gray</color></u>

1541558086_Screenshot2020-09-27182352.png.40b3412297757d1fae806c86bd55f160.png <b><u><color=purple> Bold + Underlined + Purple</color></u></b>
719014159_Screenshot2020-09-28144044.png.73fe47c46ee0a1f93d1e5a992006dbe9.png <b><u><color=aqua><glow>Glow + Aqua + Underlined + Bold</glow></color></u></b>

[It's literally impossible to get a screenshot of rainbow] <b><rainbow=999>Rainbow 999 + Bold</rainbow></b>

*Note: Bold/Underline will only work if they are on the outside.

*Note 2: Glow will only work on the inside.

If you happened to know any others please comment them below


These will work on DarkRP/MexicanBorderRP
I don't know about PoliceRP

Hopefully this helped you in some way


Edit 1: Added Glow Text Format


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