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Fesfes's Staff Application


Am I worthy?  

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  1. 1. Should I be mod?

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Staff Application Template:


Your Username:

A: Fesfes

Your SteamID:

A: STEAM_0:0:482292207

Your Discord Name and #:

A: Sinta Claus#8320

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:

A: Dark RP was for RDM x20, I never known the rules; this was somewhere around a month ago too. BORDER RP, FRP when having a war with Mexico in self defense. Also for another FRP which was a border raid as a thief, which was somewhere around 6 weeks or so.

Your Age:

A: 14

Your Timezone:

A: Eastern Daylight Time

Time Played:

A: 139:27:02

Staffing Experience (Optional):

A: Discord.

Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):

A: I am very forgiving. I am nearly unknown to many people but I am here to help. I want to help the staff team in problems to keep EXHIB clean to all users. I also will follow higher ranked staff members if they need assistance or overall support. I will watch the actions of others to keep EXHIB in a fair state. I really love the server I play on and I want to make it better. Not for me, but the users. I really love how some of the community is very nice and forgiving, but I want to make that better. I know I can assist the whole team somehow. I am a professional when it comes to discord moderation. I worked for someone for 4 months before he framed me. I lost everything. But I want to start fresh where I know I can turn my sunny side up. I can work with the staff team in order to keep this server in its best form. I'm inspired mainly by the other staff members. They are so understanding and hard working. I will study on new rules or rules that I should work better on.

How often can you be on the server?:

A: 1 week on and off

Are you familiar with the rules?:

A: Yes

Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?

A: Yes


Are you aware that you must be active on the discord/forums aswell as in-game to keep a staff position if you are accepted? (Recommended to be active on both before applying)

A: Yes and i'm literally chatting on it once i'm done.

What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User):

A: user

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-Activity is bad

-App is bad 

-Never seen you in game

-Never seen you period 

-Not active in forms, discord, Game.

Man idk who you are but making you staff is dangerous because not knowing who you are and your only a member yk man so meaning your not really active here. Last thing you have a long way to go man at least get to advance member then try to reapply in a week but Overall -Support sorry kid.


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-you have barley any for activity same thing with discord but no activity 

-when posting on forums you don't follow TOS 

-you are perm banned on drp for 20+ RDM and blame it on not knowing the rules


-bad app


overall -support

 you need to be more active I feel it's dumb and immature that you blame you didn't read the rules

when you killed 20+ people for no reason. You need to be more active I have never seen you on MBRP once not even

In spawn I have never seen you once in the discord VC or TC. You rushed your application  you made a forums account

around 2 months now and you never posted anything but when you wanna be a staff you start posting the day before you make your

application. For me and the other players on this server I don't see you becoming staff.  



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