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Kirito's Staff Application



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  1. 1. Should I be the new staff?

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Your username:

Mikapie, ingame (RP name) Kirito

Your SteamID:



Your Discord name and #:



Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?

Yes at the beginning more times, always a 5 minute jail. Because I was younger and didn't understand the rules.


Your age:

I’m 14 years old.


Your timezone:

I live in the Netherlands so my Timezone is UTC +1(in Winter) and UTC +2 (in Summer)

Time played:

At this moment (May 16th) 285+ hours. 


Staffing Experience (Optional):

No, I don’t have staff experience...


Why should you be accepted to the Staff team? (One Paragraph):

Because I’m a friendly boy, and always looking for the truth. With all server questions people can go to me and for other things. I always want to help people. I’m long online and I think I'm the only one for my timezone. I am very active on the server and want to help the server if it’s too busy or too quiet and there are no staff online… The last time I saw so many people that didn't follow the rules. I think the reason is that most of the staff-members are in school. If I'm ready with school most of the staff are at school… I think I can be a very active staff-member for that time, and other times too but then there are more staff online. 


How often can you be on the server?:

I think almost daily, the last time I'm daily on the server. So I think minimum 6 days a week. Sometimes I go to my Grandfather and Grandmother on the weekend. That’s one time every month because if I go to them I say it to the staff of course!


Are you familiar with the rules?:

Ofcourse i know I think my jail time when I was new on the server helped me to understand the rules. So yes I know the rules.


Are you aware that you wil lose a large amount of RP time on the server?:

Yes I know because sometimes it's boring for me on the server. I think if I combine it with another thing it would be nice for me!


Are you aware that you must be active on the Discord/Forums as well in-game to keep a staff position if you are accepted?

(Recommended to be active on both before applying):

Of course I know that, why can you be staff if you aren't active.


What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User):

I’m now a VIP, I'm going to buy Exhibitionist! 


End, don't forget to vote YES or KNOW!

Have a nice day!







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26 minutes ago, Sinner ツ said:

-Support (This is only from my experience)

Kind of toxic to people

Application could use work

Only seen you on once

Doesn't seem to be a mature person because the last sit I had with him, he was cussing someone out because they rdm'd him.

Discord/Forums activity

Overall -support

Best of luck to you homie. Try to keep your cool in sits and with people, because that is a really big part as staffing on a server like this. 

Yeah okay but if people rdmmed me more times I’m not happy.

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1 minute ago, Mikapie said:

lol inactive?! XD i never seen you so? xD

inactive in discord and forums

i dont play on any of the gameservers currently

also insulting people in your app isnt the greatest of ideas

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  • Has decent overall hours


  • The few encounters I have had with him in game have been extremely unprofessional and have left a sour taste in my mouth in terms of your character overall
  • Has been on the wrong side of quite a few sits that I have seen
  • Does not understand the rules as he had brought me to a sit yesterday for using a knife as Sewer Monster King
  • Meh App
  • Responding to people on his app in a negative way
  • Low Discord/Forum Activity 
  • Has the tendency to be toxic in game towards other members

Overall -Support, If you improve your attitude overall I and Reapply I will +Support it but until I notice change this will stay as a major -Support. Best of luck to your future endeavors.

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+ Support 

+ Good hours mostly active in the morning that's why you guys probably don't see him a lot

+ Active on platforms

+ Wants to do good

+ Pure spirit and brings a smile to my face

+/- Support 

+/- You've had a sit with me many times where I'd have to tell you or explain a rule to you

+/- I can barely understand you sometimes lmao

- Support

- I think you could use a little bit of maturing. Its the things like pinging staff if your sit isn't taken within 3 minutes. Or like calling sits and being wrong simply because you didn't know the rules

- Can be annoying at times

Overall -Support for now. I really do like you Kirito its like having a son from Netherlands when I talk to you. You seem really nice and you want to do good but it sometimes comes off ass annoying or Ego-ish. All you have to do from now till your next staff app for me ( if this one gets denied) is work on knowing the rules better and maturing a bit more. Other than that I think you would be a great addition to the staff team if you work on those things.

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On 5/18/2021 at 7:50 AM, Sinner ツ said:

By the way your not allowed to comment on your own app.

Sinner. You are the dumbest person I have ever seen on the staff team.


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i dont see you ingame very often, however when i do you are a very nice person to everyone i see. however from the experiences i've had with you, you come off as imature. as seen from the other replies on your staff app, you dont have a very good rep in our community. i wish you good luck in your journy to become staff. But personally i do not think you are ready for staff yet. Get your reputation up in game, meet some new friends ect. on a more aggressive note, whenever i'm on i see 5+ staff on not taking any sits whatsoever, im not saying you would add on to those staff members but from your recent activity i do not think you will be on very offen, and i understand you have a very different timezone to me but im usually on almost all day. At the moment i strongly believe we are overstaffed and yet understaffed in the sence that we have WAY too many staff members, but a small percent of them are active/take sits. In short, do i think you could be a good staff meber? Yes! Do i think you are ready to become staff? No. And again i wish you the best of luck, however my answer at the moment lies at a


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