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Communist Dictator RDMING/Breaking NLR/Raiding Without Advert/Prop Blocking In My Base

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Your in-game name: Rp name: Reddman Steam name: Reddeadfire


Users IGN: RP Name: Communist Dictator Steam Name: Comrade https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199095482677


Users SteamID: Communist Dictator's ID: STEAM_0:1:567608474. My ID: STEAM_0:1:496875900


Explain what happened: I had put up a building sign on my base whilst obviously trying to build it. This person did not advert raid whilst raiding, they came back multiple times, they built in my base and tried to block me off from getting to them. Evidence: Check the video (P.S, ignore me watching Pyrocynical in the background.)

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i was raiding you cant come back after a raid lol

ill even put rule 

  1. New Life Rule - NLR only applies to raids and kidnaps, you can not return to a raid, or kidnap that you have been killed at until it is over.


actually u should be the getting in trouble but i don't care that much

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