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Staff application from Your Moxie Man.

allow Moxie Man to be a admin?  

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  1. 1. allow Moxie Man to be a admin?

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Staff Application Template:


Your Username:

A:Your Moxie Man

Your SteamID:


Your Discord Name and #:

A:Jezi AKA Moxie Man #0001

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:


Your Age:


Your Timezone:


Time Played:

A:435 hours

Staffing Experience (Optional):


Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):

A: in my time playing MBRP i noticed when there are not admins everything turns into chaos so since i i'm in this server sometimes when there is no admins i would like to be trying to make the chaos not as crazy.

How often can you be on the server?:

A: normally anytime time i feel like

Are you familiar with the rules?:


Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?

A: yes


Are you aware that you must be active on the discord/forums as well as in-game to keep a staff position if you are accepted? (Recommended to be active on both before applying)


What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User):


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Good hours


Not enough post on forums.(tos)

Don't know who you are really

Seen you on for one day

Also I have jailed you for a false sit 

Horrible app

Only made forums account for a app

No discord/forums activity 

Overall -support get more hours and be more active and maybe improve your app then I will feel more comfortable supporting you


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