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sadmemes staff application

sad memes

let me be staff  

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Your SteamID: 


Your Discord Name and #:


Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: 

Yes, i rdmed a couple of times once i got on the server back in `2019 ish And different times like misunderstanding rules not being able to defend myself because I dont record myself. And last time i got punished was about 1 month ago after i did a terrorist attack but instead of adverting terror i adverted raid so i rdm x5 and i think that should not be used against me because my binds were messed up, also about 2 months ago ago where i prop blocked my printer (as seen in my last staff application) but id say for the most part im reformed

What is your age: 

: 15

Your Timezone:

 Eastern standard 

Time Played: 

1867 hours 

Staffing Experience (Optional):

 Yes I was a discord admin, Team fortress 2 senior admin, and a dark roleplay admin and recantly a head admin for another tf2 server . 

Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):

I am told many things some more flattering then others, i try my best but my best is often not enough, say what you will about me regardless if it is “its the same app just words moved around” or that i lie about many things like my age or how often im jailed/banned even that i try to often to be staff, i listen and try to reinvent the wheel yet i fail every time this time will most likely not be special but ill still try again and again because for all its flaws i love this community. Ever since i was 12ish ive been on this server trying to make it by for almost 2000 hours in this server alone and it has shamed me in many ways but my morals are not one. I try to treat people nice and keep peace both ingame in the forums and the discord putting my best foot forward and follow in the greats like Insert, Findog, ect people who dont stop as soon as they get there hat or get a rank but still push through . i try and every time i fall flat, i try to have thick skin and roles with the punches but its getting hard. Im in a upward battle if i mess up in one way then people dont move on, i see other admins rise that are much newer than me because they go the easy way and minge to the top whereas I'm stuck with try the same old nice way and failing over and over again. I try to understand then i come off as immature, which in some ways I am , after all only 15 as such I'm still a child and I make mistakes. I know Im not a good writer, i have autism and have problems understanding social cues ,and i'm overall subpar when talking to people, which could explain how bad the flow of my paragraphs usually are, regardless i try my best all the time and as ive said before my best may not be good enough but thats all i have to say in regards of my staff applications and i hope this one will be special .

  How often can you be on the server?: 

  Multiple times a day 

Are you familiar with the rules?: 

Yes, I have read over them multiple times and agnolidge changes to the rule set.

 Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server?


Are you aware that you must be active on the discord/forums as well as ingame to keep a staff position if you are accepted? (Recommended to be active on both before applying) 


Yes and i am

. What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User): 


 Do you think you're ready? 

Yes no matter what i think im ready


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Nice and welcoming to other users. They're active which is something that's really important for this job.


Your reasoning for wanting to become a moderator seems like a sob story more than a valid reason for why you would benefit the server. Next time you apply, rather than telling us how much you can fail tell us how much you can succeed if you were a Staff Member here and what you would do to bring something new to the table. As someone who doesn't know you personally and not knowing the lengths of how much your Autism affects your day to day life, I'm not sure whether you'd be able to handle the job as a Staff Member emotionally and mentally. It requires a LOT of patience and a lot of humbleness. People WILL lash out at you just because you're doing your job but you have to make sure to stand your ground and not let them affect you.

Overall, I'd have to say that this is a -Support. I want you to think about if this is something you truly want; you can either love it or break apart because of it. Please make sure you're genuinely available for this as your mental health is important, so if this is something you know will be hard on you then I suggest saving your time and energy and not reapply, but if you believe this is something you can actually handle go ahead and reapply. As someone who struggles with mental issues herself such as Depression, ADHD, and Anxiety, I worry for you and I don't want you to become overwhelmed. Once again, please think about this long and hard.

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  • Good Hours
  • Active


  • In the past few months on the server I have watched you go from a minge, to one of the most toxic people on the server in its total
  • You have not changed since your last staff app from what I have seen in game and how you have behave around others
  • Ellie hit it right on the nose with your reasoning for wanting to be staff being a complete miss and not exactly the best reasoning for wanting to be staff in the first place
  • You are quick to toxicity and anger from my personal experiences with you in game and I do not want that from any staff member

Overall -Support, Fix how you act in game and show everyone you have matured by being better than others, not stooping down to their level. Once you have done this my opinion will change. Be better.

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Probably gay


i wouldnt see why not to accept you but you should work on your mental health first

being staff is extremely draining towards it and if yours is already bad then I wouldn’t recommend it

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good hours

active on all platforms 


if you are having mental problems there is no reason for you to put more stress on yourself by becoming a staff member

can come off as immature during some occasions

overall -/+support


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1 hour ago, DR RYAN321 said:

@sad memes   if you are having mental problems true me when i say you dont want to be staff when i was staff i was going though some shit and i couldn't handle the shit that was going on and being staff.

just take some time off the server and do what you need to do to feel beter man :)


and if you want to talk to someone just ask me and ill talk i know how it feels to have mental shit going on 

I’m going to break my silence and say that the reason why I say I have autism is because I’m not good at writing, but really thank you

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great hours, dedicated

long paragraph


kind of what ellie said, your paragraph goes off topic and kinda just starts sucking up to the admins

looks like recent jailtime


overall +/- support. you're almost there man, i believe in you. you waited your time and you're getting closer to being staff, at least in my eyes.

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Good hours

Active on all platforms 


Just got jailed


Toxic sometimes 

Overall -Support 

If you are struggling with mental health right now you should focus on that now. I personally do not think you are fit to be staff. I don’t think you would be able to deal with toxic sits which happen very often and all the stuff you have to deal with as staff. 


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