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Hotpocket.e's staff application


yes or no  

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  1. 1. yes or no

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user name: hotpocket.e 

steam id: 76561198888657228

discord name: hotpocket entertainment#2011

punishments: i have commited rdm before

age: 14

time zone: mdt

time played:  143 hours

why is should join staff: I feel i should join staff because i have been playing on the mbp server for a while and wish to make it a better experience for players by being a staff. I usually play at night where minges are usually present. Im also familiar with most of the rules. this is why I feel like i should be staff i hope i can be good use to the server.


how often can i be on:  im usually on in the afternoon and night and i mostly just play mbrp

Am I familliar with the rules: yes i am

are you aware you will lose play time: i am fully aware

are you aware you must be active: yes im aware 

what rank are you: I am exhibitionist

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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