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bitminer tutorial 

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-------------bitminer tutorial-------------

today im going to be doing a bitminer tutorial for those who dont know how to get it to work, I know most people understand this but some things can be jank about it so I think this would be very helpful.


first pick pro hacker or hacker which can be found under the criminal tab if you hit f4


this is a bitminer rack, the reason you chose hacker/pro hacker. it will spawn under the entities tab which you can find on the left of your screen.


this bitminer will spawn with one power supply upgrade and one miner, you can have a max of 16 miners and 4 power supply upgrades, each power supply upgrade is equals a extra rack you can use,


so as you see here i have 1 power supply upgrade on the right and 4 bitminers located on the left, its best for you to max out all 4 racks for the most money.image.thumb.png.e0b262e0c7a8f2f88531a9603a697a46.png

next up you need to power the thing, you should always go for the reactor (seen in the middle) because you dont need to fiddle with it, buy gas, or other such things, the nuclear reactor is 50k making it a bit pricey but its always worth it, if you cant afford it go fo the generator (seen on the right) since you only need to give it gas every once in a while, never ever go for the solar panel, its expensive, takes up a lot of space, and you need a lot of them NEVER EVER go for them.


the next thing you want to do is buy a cable, you must attach it to the power source then the bitminer, quick warning these wires are really janky, they can fall though the floor, not be destroyed, or not work at all, so if its not working hit e on where its connected, then destroy it with a gun (you cant use your tool gun on the wire). you must put the wire behind the machine, as shown.


when you do that next up you should add a cooling unit shown below.


you should go for cooling upgrade 3 because it makes it so you dont have to turn off your bitminer all the time so it does not over heat (caused by have a low cooling upgrade or not have one at all while the btiminer is running)


after that add the rest of the bitminers and power supply upgrades to start up your rig, all you need to do is hit the power on button by hitting your interact key on the screen.



when you do that several things will come up which is a power on/off switch, a fan (which is a rgb upgrade that does nothing but make your bitminer light up a bit, a couple of bars and a big green sell bitcoin sign, the bars just show you what your specs are and thats it, but the big green sell bitcoin button is how you make money, bitcoin can change in price a lot making it so one day you could earn 5 million while the next you earn 3 million, never the less hacker/ pro hacker are the best ways to make money.  now all you need to do is protect it and your good!

-------------------THE JANK-------------------


if you shine your flash light on the screen it will turn black as shown


wierd hitboxes 


weird balance

i could go on but im tired so... thanks for participating in my ted talk.

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