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this is a guide on, how to make a gang, how to defend gang territory's and finally how to make the most out of gang system.


first you will want to go to this guy in the left side of American spawn, he can also be found in Mexico spawn, if you don't want to go to spawn to set up a gang you can just put this command !gang in chat to bring up a menu.


as soon as you do that a few things will show up, let start with the top , the red members box shows you guessed it, the members you have in a gang, for example in meme mafia we have 23 members, the smaller box below that shows the players online in your gang, the green box that say balance shows the balance of your gang, which will get into later. the blue storage thing there we will also get into later, and finally the gang level button, we will also get into that later.


this is the gang chat chat box, this will allow you to talk to people in your gang and only in your gang, a example of this is "im going to take fake". you can also do this buy put "/gc (message)"


second thing to talk about is the members tab, there's no need to go there.


after that you will  see storage. the storage tab is where you store items for others to use, you can make certain people use the items by setting that in the ranks tab. ill bring that up later. you store items by putting hitting that big arrow in the top right corner.


when you do that you will see the items you have in your inventory, click the one you want to store and it will show up. you can take a item by simply clicking on the item you want to take.


this part will not just focus on upgrades but the money system as whole. first thing you need to know is that you get money about every 5 minutes from a territory. when you get the money you can put it into upgrades, the upgrades can improve the amount of people you can have in a gang, the amount you can store, the storage, ect. you can also withdraw or deposit money here:


achievements are quiet simple, all you do is do something and you get a small amount of money image.thumb.png.337f7de8203de3ad63eadf94f4cd2f00.png


after that you have associates, theres no point in make allies/ enemy's, if your a allie all you can do is help them take over territories, and if your enemy's nothing happens.


after that theres leader boards, these just show what the "best" gangs are.


territory's is where things get real interesting. there are 7 territory's that you can take each taking 2 minutes to capture. in order for you  to capture you have to go up to it advert "(insert gang name here) takes (insert territory here)". as soon as you do that you can return to what ever your doing. but as soon as a warning pops up on the side of your screen your screen saying something like, "minge is taking snake" then you should rush to that territory and defend it, note, you  will need to advert "(insert territory) counter" in order to counter.


after that you have gang printers, these are quite simple, you upgrade them then place them, thats all/


in settings you can change your gang name, and the picture you use for your gang.


ranks, are pretty obvious too, you can switch those little levers on the right to give certain roles more or less power.


as soon as you set all that up you can send invites to people to join your gang.


with these two buttons you can disband your gang, (deleting it), or give it to another person so they can run it.



lets say you dont want to do any of that stuff and want to join a gang, you can just go to the top right corner and hit that envelope looking button. then you can join the gang you were invited to


thats all i really have to say, thank you for reading though this all and i hope this will help on your gang filled future 




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