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We were coinflipping and he lost all his money, i felt bad soo i told him to go to Mexico's spawn so i could give him some money. We went into my base that is right infront of Mexico's spawn and put a prop on the door, i dropped 80 mil and when he saw that he ran to my corner and grabbed it. I told him it was only spoused to be 8 he said he would drop it i waited like 10 seconds before he logged off. (Wretch was online and explained to me to go here.)

Screenshot (6).png

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While it may suck that you got scammed, there isn’t proof to support that you meant to drop 8 million instead of 80 million. I’d recommend you make deals over chat, as staff can pull chat logs and also see when you post evidence on the forums.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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