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Suki Refused Me

EL Paso Mobread

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Your in-game name:ELPaso Morbread


Staff members name:Suki 


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)



Explain what happened:

This Staff took my sit for NOT ADVERTING TERROR and Refused To punished Pink Omega for failing to advert terror to do a JEHAD 10 + times in a row and 

RDMx20+ This Staff said they are not supposed to punished someone that is having FUNN with friends. 

I was there he was running out US spawn blowing up constantly  This staff said they were there too so should have been recording of all of it for proof But it was just Fun with Friends according to This Staff 

so Suki said Pink Omega gets a Verbal Warning I feel this was unfair to anyone that dose the same 

I have been Bann for this Not Adverting terror and RDM s for days and I only had 80-100 hr then  I took it like a champ and learn my lesson.

Pink Omega has 300 + hrs on MBRP should know better he TBH.

I was upset at suki I felt the staff was giving him the benefit of the doubt 

protecting Pink Omega form a bann.





Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.

This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.) I  a video 


I have a video I used console that shows kills and no adverts to show the amount of kills Pink Omega done  and lack of adverts 

and what suki told me I was rude my apologies nothing against Suki

Just don't like how some of the staff LIKE ALTA now Suki

just allow some players to completely brake the MBRP rules then other hand punish others/banned for the same

that's all I am saying or maybe I am mistaken about rules or about all of this let me know. 




Edited January 22, 2020 by Damplips

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1 hour ago, EL Paso Mobread said:

This Staff said they are not supposed to punished someone that is having FUNN with friends. 

it's counted as failrp since it is an ear rape and there was no advert for terror, not to mention it blocks up logs. -1 just go play a sandbox lol


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I was sitting in spawn watching him and his friends egg him on about doing it there was only 3 others and him in a group. no one else was harmed they were laughing and having a good time. he was just having fun with friends there was no minge or  intent to disrupt others. As it states in staff guidelines I should not punish a player for having fun with friends.  I gave him his verbal warning and explained to him why he should not do that even if its friendly manners. he completely understood what I was saying and did not do again after that.  

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If he was having fun with his friends MassRDMing each other then that's completely fine unless they was ruining / interrupting someone's RP.

Suki verbally warned him about using the bomb and also said there would be consequences if he does it again which he fully understood.

Therefore, there is nothing that Suki done wrong in this situation.

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