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Minge Friends MRDM/NITRP/Homophobia/Harassment


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My IGN: Craig Michaels/Ally Johns

Their IGN: FetchFar / Obi Chuan Kenobi

Their Steam: FetchFar (STEAM_0:1:545103716 - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199050473161) / Obi Chuan Kenobi (STEAM_0:1:541526750 - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199043319229)


Okay, so these guys were literally showing NITRP what so ever, they were following me around and changing jobs just to torment me and kill me. They both RDMed me MULTIPLE times. Obi Chuan Kenobi called me the F word twice. He also raided without adverting. They are both clearly only here to minge and rdm. I have never seen such obvious NITRP. FetchFar even propblocked the border for a moment.


Video 1: In this video Obi Chuan Kenobi is heard clearly calling me a Fa**ot twice.

Video 2: In this video they can be seen showing NITRP and being minges. They are both just crouching and blocking my vision while I was trying to build. As well as a random RDM by Obi Chuan Kenobi at the end.

Video 3: In this video Obi Chuan Kenobi is heard minging/harassing me and again, showing NITRP. He walks up to the border, and starts verbally insulting me. I muted him client side, then he RDMs me.

Video 4: In this video FetchFar is seen temporarily propblocking the border and being a minge/NITRP by "closing the border for building." 

Video 5: In this video Obi Chuan Kenobi is seen randomly killing me. He had never adverted raid, so I am not sure what was goin on here.

Video 6 In this video FetchFar is seen RDMing me from afar.

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