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Lean Producer Tutorial!


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Hello people, I am making a "Lean Producer" tutorial since it got added back into DRP recently.
I will go step by step on how to make Lean!

STEP #1:
To make Lean, you will need to buy certain things.
First - Buy yourself a Lean Crate (Most valuable)
Second - Buy a Lean barrel to add ingredients to make the Lean.
Third - Buy yourself Cups (10 per lean crate).


STEP #2:
Interact with the Lean Barrel to have the list of ingredients necessary.
Simply click on all the ingredients until it is maxed -> Example "Sprite: 5/5".
Once that is done, simply press "E" on the barrel for it to MIX. It takes about 30 seconds to 1 min to mix so be patient. It mixes by itself you do not need to shake it.
Once the lean is mixed, you will receive a notification in chat and the barrel will reopen.



STEP #3:

Once the lean is done mixing, you will need to use the cups you bought at first to fill the lean crate.
Simply grab the lean cup with your grav gun and dip it in the Lean Barrel, once that is done, moved the lean cup over to the lean crate and it should automatically go inside of it! Repeat the process until the Lean Crate shows that it is at its full capacity -> 10/10

Once your lean crate is full, simply interact with it by pressing "E" and it will automatically go inside of your inventory.

You will receive a notification in chat confirming the pickup once it is in your inventory!

After you have successfully picked up your crate, you will need to go outside and sell it to a "Lean Buyer" it is easy to find them they are all over the map, just look for them.



If all of those steps have been done successfully, you now know how to make lean! Congratulations to you, my friend.
DISCLAIMERS, You can repeat the same process with the small lean box the only bad thing about it is that it will sell for way less.


If you feel like you need further explanation, feel free to DM me directly on discord: ^PRE^#7194. I hope this tutorial was helpful for certain people.

As always, have a good day!

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1 hour ago, tanner said:

Utilizing the lids on the barrels as "ramps", you can purchase the lean cups and have them fill and drop into the crate automatically.

I use a square tube and precision the barrels slanted, so when I spawn cups at the top funnel it falls down all the barrels, and rolls to the next one to fill a crate up quick.

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