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User Report - Pedro 3


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Your in-game name:


Users IGN:

(Name Changer on Death)

Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞


Explain what happened: I saw a new player with 0 hours under the name "MysticMarvel" he changed his name and I walked up to him asked him to kill me if I /adverted and he instead blatantly admitted to being the same cheater from last night from my previous user report. I have a clip from last night and today of his voice, in my opinion both voices match up but I investigated a bit more as best I could and figured his name changes on kill (a known cheater tool used amongst them) Also got a clip of him perfectly killing me and another player through a prop he used to prop block himself in someone's base showing clear ESP/Aimbot. (Video of his voice from previous user report which has already been dealt with) (Video from today of his voice, as well as admitting to being the same individual of yesterday) (Name change proof) (Name change proof 2) (Aimbot)

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After watching all the videos listed the following are apparent:

He has admitted to using an alt account

He has admitted to being a guy who got banned last night

Name changer

Sus aim, most likely aimbot 

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The same thing happened with me this guy attempted to raid me without an advert then every time I killed him he came back to the point where I just propblocked my base bc their was staff on. This guy also threatened to report me on forums for propblock when I really had no other choice because he intentionally gets on early in the morning when there's no staff. He uses alt accounts so the only way to really prevent him from doing this is to have staff on early in the morning. 

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