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Big American Sewer Base (35 Props)

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This base is designed to be low on prop count but still effective, so it is going to be basic of course. Any player can use this base regardless of rank



It features 2 shooting windows (one being the purple wireframe box above (binded to numpad 2), the other being the one way below (binded to numpad 1).

For the oneway shooting window, I recommend using 2 buttons (one at the bottom and one above the platform). Do keep in mind IT DOES NOT ONEWAY WHILE OPEN. It is like that to save props unfortunately.


How to install/place:

Step one: Download the file from link below by clicking it and then clicking the download icon near the top.

Step two: Move said file into Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\advdupe2.

Step three: Check your ad2 tool for the dupe, click on it, and check "paste at original position".

Step four: put up fading doors because fuck you I did not set fading doors up so people can choose to either use default or billy's.

Step five (optional but highly recommended): Go to your shadow remove tool, set it to 100, and left click everything to make it look nicer for yourself.

Step six (required): Come back to this post and put your same typical response to any base dupe to get that post count up (weirdos).



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