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User Gus Fring report RDM


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Your in-game name: Rhys


Users IGN: Gus Fring


Users SteamID: STEAM_0:1:534142930


Explain what happened:

Gus Fring had earlier walked passed me and stabbed me so I killed him as he was trying to kill me. He has then taken it upon himself to enact some personal grudge. He had raided an earlier base by glitching cameras inside so he was able to see where I was and what he was going into. He then returned to my base several times killing me and destroying my items ignoring any raid timers. I then created another base and had a fading door which was one prop higher (I admit this was not noticeable) to prevent him from just raiding me constantly. He then continued to kill me over and over again which can be seen in the video. 


There was also another called Ling who glitched cameras to raid people over and over again but I do not have evidence of this. 

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