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Skill Abusing Piece of Shitw Report for griefing/ prop minging etc


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Your in-game name :000


Users IGN: Skill Abusing Piece of Shitw


Users SteamID(http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046112201


Explain what happened: it all started when I ran into "Skill Abusing Piece of Shitw" a few times before this event took place but from those few things I had a bad feeling. so I first ran into Skill Abusing Piece of Shitw who was a gun dealer running around he rmd'd me a few times for no reason. but there were no staff on so I just took it as is it was late at night so I understand staff aren't always gonna be on anyways after those few times of being rdm'd by him I ran into him by my base with one of his friends whos name is border patrol they both shot and killed me again after that I was raiding a base near mine when he came and killed the person who I was raiding with again this is all being a "GUN DEALER" after I got out of the base I raided. I killed him and then next thing I know hes down by my base I killed him once but then left because he is a gun dealer and isnt allowed to raid me so I thought nothing of it next thing i know he fully prop blocked my base so that I couldn't even get to it I did take a screenshot of this which I will provide below. He was down at my base for around 25-40 mins and destroyed all my printers bitcoin miner and gang printers all as a gun dealer at this point I was starting to get mad as I couldnt do anything to defend my base I just had to sit there and listen to them shooting at my stuff. I left my base area because I was tried of waiting when he was done griefing I went back to my base and he still had props blocking it so I couldnt even get in and he said he was just gonna afk at this point I was very mad because I prolly lost out on over 5 million I had 8 gang printers plus printers and bitminer. I know its gmod money but its very annoying when its taken for no reason. after I ran into him near spawn and he trapped me inside a block after I got out he killed me and then I said Fuck it and just started rdming him I know this wasn't the right thing to do and I prolly shouldn't have but I was just really pissed off because he was just being a troll/prop minge ruining my night so I took it out by killing him and his friend few times after this I proceeded to log off and started writing this now as im writing this I was going to log back on to get a screenshot of him being a gun dealer but I was banned for rdming lol when it all started because of him now I know i gotta make a ban appeal but I just want to make sure he gets Punished too because he made me lose out on alot of money let alone the rdming and all that AS A FUCKING gun dealer lol the guy has 20 hours on the server so im guessing he just a troll anyways hopefully u guys can help sorry its so long just wanted to give detail! also u can see hes a gun dealer in the ss's at spawn


Evidence screenshots below





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