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Trial Mod jailed friend and let RDMer off scott-free!!


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What happened is me and a friend were in our base doing MBRP things when a guy raided our base without initiation and killed both of us. When my friend was called into sit, he was jailed for NLR for returning to the base (which I get) but the RDMer wasn’t given a punishment as he killed multiple people. 

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While I unironically appreciate that you put more time into the tags and post title than you did with the content, follow ToS.


You also have not named the specific staff member outside of "Trial-Mod." I'm not sure why you expect anything without any information, let alone proof.

- Support 

Follow ToS


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No Template was used!

If this was about me as i remember a certain case,  Trap Card was the raider, he adverted raid as I checked from logs, killed you and your friend which your friend returned 3 times, you were not involved and so I never brought you cause you didn't return to the base and a police officer came too to counter, died and committed NLR as well. How is it RDM if someone is raiding you both, they can kill yall if you guys come back within the 10 minute raid timer and or before they advert over!

If this isn't your case then shit forget what I'm saying

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