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2 staff reports

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Your in-game name: ???????????????????? my steam id is 76561198818888566


Staff members name: Fuzed and Freeze


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): I can not find their IDs becuase i reported them in the discord server not knowing i had to do it here but i have clips of it


Explain what happened: Ok so my pov of the story is i was walking around the rp town and seen a group of people just standing by a door talking and chatting it up i wanted to include myself to try and make friends by punching one just one time (ik its techniqually rdm but i stoped after 1 hit) one of the guys proceeded to chase me up a 2 story building and i dropped down around and went into the building they were talking Infront of .the door was unowned so I continued in and I saw a weed farm my first thought was ok they have to own the door to be able to build here but it looks like they're not going to stay so I'm going to just take the door since there just standing there while its unowned as soon as  i bought the door they all started freaking out saying its their base and that i wasnt allowed to do that so I said no you didn't own the door so i bought it its mine now u had your chance to buy it then he and his friend continued to yell at me saying to sell the door they even tried to bribe me but i said look i have a better idea we can just split it into two (cause every other server i play in you can do that and it wasnt in the MOTD) they diddnt wanna do that so i said ok we can make a staff sit because just becuase u own 1 door doesnt mean u own the other one when u had the chance to buy it but diddnt we then got 1 admin who was consulting with other admins becuase it wasnt in MOTD i suggested we could just do a coin flip or rock paper scissors to decide who gets the base because that is more fair but the staffs decided to force me to sell the door by kicking me and not even giving me a chance to even get a fair ruling on the situation i dont want them banned or anything cause it wasnt malicous but i just think its wrong to just side with the other group for no apparant reason.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.) I have 4 clips of the situation . (i know im a little aggressive but i was just getting angry because they were clearly just going to side with the other people.)  1.https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/rYXFtKWNS8ky-/d1337bKDc2Ei?invite=cr-MSxaMUQsNzgyNDgxMTEs   2. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/rYZWVzX01cOy6/d1337aIqZ05r?invite=cr-MSxSTFgsNzgyNDgxMTEs 3. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/rZ0iwPVFaudYK/d1337vHLK3gD?invite=cr-MSxaVjgsNzgyNDgxMTEs 4. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/rZ0ukP_OBBA3f/d13378TYV8tG?invite=cr-MSxyc3gsNzgyNDgxMTEs

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-i had you in the sit room and my game crashed so i was going to say that you cant just own the door when you can clearly see they are using the base

-at the end of the day its just a door and there is 20 other bases you can own and use 

-should have listened to staff before making this report 

overall -support

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I have to disagree.
SITUATION goes as follow

MOOT owned both doors, sold front and kept the garage door as he was going to sell both doors eventually, transfer them to his friend. MOOT was original base owner for however long. You came by and saw the first unowned door and bought it.
This door was this one.  The Garage door was still claimed at the time.image.png.01582a9e45e413e5bd89d69650cabdac.png
You ran, bought it like previously explained. YELLED at us, said that since you bought the FRONT DOOR that you can therefore own the entire base. You decided to ask for a split base, they disagreed as the original base owner was there with his entities and about to get off. 

I was having troubles with this sit for how chaotic it was, i called freeze over. You threaten a staff report because I threatened to kick you for non-compliance. You didn't want to unown the door PLUS prop blocked half of the base when the base is ONE SINGULAR BASE.

There is no MOTD rule because it is a common sense rule which I told you multiple times that if a base owner has ownership longer, it is therefore their base. 
This is also a instance where you have to put yourself in the other person's shoes. If YOU were base owner, a person owns a door in your base and refuses to sell no matter what. A kick would then be implemented as if us admins force sold the door with you there, that's more of "abuse of power" than a simple kick. You chose to harass these people, stay and make freeze's time worse too when he came just to help me and he did the kick in the end + gagged you for the overwhelming anger.

Thanks for reading.
There was no 'abuse' involved. You never listened to staff


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