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Sadmemey's Staff Application


Sadmemey's Staff Application  

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  1. 1. should i begin my jedi training?

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A: sadmemey

A: 76561198980688932

A: nbarnes#1961

A: yes, you guys where one of my first rp servers and i goofed a little 🙂 my latest jail has been for shooting a cam. i cant recall any other jails in the past month. 

A: 15

A: Central Time\

A: 260 hours... about a little more than 3/4 have been on you servers

A: discord mod and a lot of sits 🙂

A: well. i wish i could tell you a reason that i absolutely should be an admin and you should worship me. yet there isn't one. welllllll do have a cat tho, so yeah worship me 🙂. but being serious i do believe that more mods=good and we don't always have enough mods so not good. now i cant make you click that yes vote but it may be a good idea 🙂.

A: at least every 3 or so days depending on school.

A: enough to know what i don't know

A: yes. while that may be sad, it would be of great benefit to the community

A: yes, while in not much for forums ill try my best


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This staff application on www.exhibitionroleplay.com for the exquisite Garry’s mod sandbox game made by Gary on the source engine made by valve first being used to make there classic hit “half life source”. This user has truly masterd the English language to present this one of a kind staff application, this user should join the ranks of the great gmod moderators.


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