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Your in-game name: "Fagh"


Staff members name: I'm Freezeツ


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:555645884


Explain what happened: I was in the wrong, and fail rp'd. I took Ivy, but clicked "E" and adverted. I was "supposed to advert before I took it" even though I adverted right after I BEGAN to take it. Somebody makes a sit, And i get jailed for 15 mins for "FRP x3." Prior to this I took campfire and "forgot" to advert. But in the sit room Freeze brought up I took it before without adverting. The guy in the sit had no idea what he was talking about, But freeze saw it on the admin panel I guess. I take blame for the Ivy place, because I didn't know I had to advert Before I even came close to it, and I could advert right as I began to take it. But for the Campfire, Freeze got me jailed for it, when he was the only one who knew (admin sitting his own sit.) I believe this should be looked into and a punishment should be served.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.)


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Oh hey!

Basically I'll give you an example : If you did like RDM x20+ and only one guy made a sit, I can count all the kills if I want. Which is exactly what I did for your takeover : I counter all not adverted takeovers! I also use !forcemotd on you, and you refused to read it. Like is it my fault if you can't read rules? Not at all. Read rules then maybe you won't get jailed like that again. You claimed you don't know you had to advert then take it, but you were jailed for that a few days ago, I think yesterday.



Also I appreciated dealing with your ticket! And if you want to take my SteamID next time use a website maybe like SteamID.io to find it with my Steam profile URL or since I was ingame you could have copied my SteamID right here :


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Freeze is correct. We count all prior offenses.

You need to read the rules and it’s not even you needing to read all of them but before doing something new, just read up on sections so you understand what you can or cannot do. ❤️


Hope you learned something new

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