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Jackson AKA Dat Gorilla User Report Harassment


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Jackson AKA Dat Gorilla



                                    So the night began great everyone was great. He based up. Added me to doors and pads called it a day. So he had all his printers up. I came in and noticed he was giving the player name. I. Gallactus. He was giving him shit and didn't want him to base with us even though he was joined in our party in which i was the leader of. I noticed jackson in his base has a no collided fake gang printer. Well he always collides it when he goes afk. Well he had it collided so no one could go in there and i told him that he needs to no collide it so people can access it. He flipped out. Left the gang. Rdm'd Gallactus. Then rdm'd me.

                              I made an admin report. freeze brought me then Jackson rdm'd me in a sit. he recieved a 12 hour ban. THIS is where it gets bad. He then un mutes in the discord call a bunch of others were in (myself included). Makes himself look like an ass in front of everyone. But where he crossed the line he made false accusations that i have nudes of a 13 year old girl on my pc. WHICH IS FALSE.. Accusations like these could make me lose my job! (which i have a background check done by the department of homeland security) SO with that being said a couple people came to my defense (thankfully) which further angered Jackson.

                                       He then was saying things about how he is glad my dad died and he kept saying that repeatedly that he was glad my Dad passed away. Which this just happened last year. I'm still dealing with the trauma. I feel like he took it too far and i have whitnesses and clips to prove. Clips will be down below.. PS he is a good kid. Just having a bad week i think. Some time off from the game is what i think he needs. He's been extremely toxic these past few days to EVERYONE. Thank you for reading..

                                                                                                                                                            I hope this is dealt with accordingly.





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Jackson definitely needs punishment for that.

I think he crossed a line, it was taken too far. It was fucked up.
The toxicity has been on another level he is constantly yelling and attacking everyone.

+support crossed multiple lines. 

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+ Support

Clear evidence of pedo allegations, harassment of many degrees, etc.

Maybe it’s a bad week or maybe it isn’t and he no longer likes you but this is plain wrong.

You took it like a champ, im glad you reported this

This will be accepted shortly

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