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Join Scam CIty!

Freeze ツ

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~ Scam City ~

We are allied with Inactive (Fuzed's gang), Minge Society and Greenwood gang! (Da best gangs)

Reasons to join : 

  1. We are almost always basing in REALLY good bases
  2. Ez cash because we are almost impossible to raid
  3. LVL 47
  4. We know da rules
  5. We are epic
  6. Almost maxed out gang upgrades
  7. Nice people in here

If you wanna join the gang, just ping me on discord (@freeze) or dm me on Discord : rotten#5155


If you join the gang, you must be active and you must take territories to stay in the gang. 

By taking territories and helping us defend base, raid bases... You will get promoted to a new rank.




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