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DarkRP Patch Notes 4.0b


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DarkRP 4.0b Patch Notes

  • Removed players needing to be wanted in order to be arrested

  • Removed skeleton burn when on surface (Until we fix a bug with it)

  • Remove blacklisted model from wardrobe

  • Fixed Exhibitionists being unable to use E2

  • Fixed Precision Tool being able to be used on printers

  • Increased tickrate to 15 from 11 to increase performance on the server

  • Updated the timed sale weapons to Huntsman Marble Fade and Slappers (These will only last until the end of August)

  • Blacklisted sawblade model

  • Updated the content pack link in the motd

  • Updated the motd donate tab to now say Store

    • Updated the link to the store in the motd

  • Fixed donator tags on jobs

Any suggestions/bugs you find please report it here

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