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Pres pugslove's staff Application


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Hello! I am pres pugslove and Appling for staff and this will be a little weird cause i am going to answer the question like 

this so kind of different for me

My user: pres pugslove most of the time on steam it's just pugslove or GAMERPUG18

my steam ID:76561199029956730 i think 

discord name: puggy#5958

I have been punished BUT it was 2 months ago, and I was fairly new, so I think it was RDA or RDM, but I was new, and I think somebody gave me money and told me to so very sorry but since then I have not been punished.

I am 14

my time zone is NAE but I don't really know (I live in Ohio I don't know my time zone)

I have over 100 hours (105 or 106)

I think that I should be staff cause being staff to me would be super cool and a great learning experience for me on any future server that I might also staff on, and I also love the MBRP it's my most player server from the 3 and I love the server I've never played anything like it and it's been really fun playing and to be staff and make sure everything is good within the rules would be amazing to do and all the people that I meet in their is amazing and to meet even more people from the admins and mods would be super cool.

How often I can be on I do have school so for me weekdays are like from 3pm-12am or something but I get off at 3

Yes, I am similar with most of the rules but some of the ones that have change or I didn't know about sometimes Suprise me a little 

Yes, I am aware of the fact that most of my rp time will be lost, and I am fully ok with that

Yes, I can be active on all discord, the forms, and in game but I am prepared for it

Right now, I am user, but I am looking to get VIP+ very soon

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